Landaid SleepOut
SleepOut at Home 2023

Location Details


Thursday 2 March


All night


Virtually from home - in your garden, on your balcony, in your car, in the shed...

Project Supporting:


All funds raised at the  SleepOut at Home will go towards a project supporting young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the UK.  


Sleeping Out at Home gives you the chance to join the biggest ever property SleepOut, no matter where you're based. For some this will be more convienent, for others it will offer the option to get the rest of your family involved.

Sleeping Out at Home brings different challenges.  Without the camaraderie of other particpants, this can be a lonely and isolating experience.  

Wherever you take part in the SleepOut, LandAid will be on hand to support you. There will be an online stream on the night to help you feel like part of the team, and keep you motivated. We'll share details of this closer to the event.

Where can I sleep?

That is all completely up to you! But please be sure to choose a place where you are safe, and where you have access to cover in case it rains. 

About the evening

By taking part in the LandAid SleepOut you will gain a small insight into some of the conditions faced by thousands of young people across the UK every single night. During the event you will hear from the charities and young people that LandAid support. As you're sleeping outside, the event will be open to the elements, as a result we ask you to prepare as much as possible. In addition, as you're taking part in the event from home - we recommend having a Hot Water Vessel to keep yourself topped up with warm drinks throughout the night.

SleepOut at Home - with family

If you'd like to SleepOut at Home with your family and children, we've provided some resources to help make the evening a productive, insightful and memorable night. To keep your children warm, you can take part by sleepout in a den or tent in the living room. We've seen plenty of creative ways families have taken part inside and we'd love to see what you come up with! We've created some resources to help you SleepOut with your family which you can find below. 

Den Building Competition

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Talking to children about homelessness

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