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The Event

Do I have to sign up as a team of 4?

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No - you can sign up a team of less than 4, however you will be at a disadvantage as the team competition is the total number of steps per team.

How do I track my steps?

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 We’re hosting the challenge through an app called MoveSpring. In the app, you can connect your wearable device or smartphone to track your activity. (MoveSpring connects to a variety of fitness tracking devices including Fitbit, Garmin, Withings, and Apple Watch – as well as to Apple Health and Google fit - so there is no need to purchase a step tracker. To view a full list of connectable devices click here.)



You can create your MoveSpring account on a computer or by downloading the MoveSpring app to your mobile phone.


  1. Click this join link: STEPtober 2022 Challenge – the event code will be auto filled and is: Z2PMMRNEDP
  2. The first step will ask you to confirm LandAid is your organisation – please click confirm – you will fill in your own organisation in the next step.
  3. Follow the remaining steps to create your MoveSpring account & connect a device. You’ll automatically be added into the challenge!
  4. We’ve already added your team, so type in your team name and tap to join. If you are unsure what your team name is, you can check on your team fundraising page.

Can’t find where to add your team? You can use this link here:

When is the registration deadline?

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The deadline for registering teams is Friday 30th September.

Is there a registration fee?

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Yes, there is a registration fee of £25 per person which is seperate to the £50 fundraising target.

Can I pay for all my teams registration fees in one go?

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Yes - as the captain you can choose to pay for your own reg fee, as well as your team mates.

Can I pay for the registration fee via invoice?

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Yes you can, please get in touch with the LandAid Events Team at:

I have been invited to join a team but can’t find the link/the link doesn't work

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If you’ve been invited to a team by your team captain - you can finish your registration here:

Do I need to purchase an activity tracker 

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No - if you don't have a wearable device, you will be able to use your phone to track your steps.


How long does the event last for?

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The event starts on 4th October and runs until the 18th October. There will be a virtual prize giving on Thursday 20th October.

What's the fundraising target?

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The target is £50pp or £200 per team

Can you help with my fundraising at all?

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Yes, we're here to help! Please get in touch with the events team who are ready and waiting to help. Get in touch on: