Avoiding injury: Tips from a pro!

We asked professional football physio, Shane Gore, for his top tips for preventing injury when training.

'It’s natural when training for an event to bring loads of energy and zeal to the process, which is great but steadily building up running is the most important part. Too much too soon will take you out the race!’

1. Only increase your weekly mileage by a maximum of 30% each week. Work backwards from the distance you plan to run and the date you plan to run it.

2. When progressing, choose to increase either volume (total miles per week) or intensity (speed at which you cover those miles) - don’t increase both at the same time!

3. Don’t run on consecutive days - take a recovery day, this is where we recover and build resilience to the stress we put our body under during exercise.

4. Recover well - aim for 8 hours sleep, eat plenty of protein and carbohydrates, stretch, and foam roll.

5. Strength training! The number one intervention for reduced injury risk in runners is strength training, not stretching.

Thank you to Shane for sharing his expert advice!