Tour de LandAid

Inspired by the Tour de France - teams of six will work together to cycle as far as possible during the Tour de France between 1st July - 24th July.

Registrations have now closed. You can track your friends' progress or donate below

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Carter Jonas

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Choose your tactics

Will you share the distance equally between your team each day or rotate who takes the lead on securing the distance? Get technical - make a spreadsheet to plan!

Get cycling

Cycle as far as possible as a team between 1st July - 24th July (including 2 rest days) and try to cover the daily distance on the Tour de France. Record your fitness activity to climb up the leaderboard!

Get sponsored

Share your progress and fundraising page on your social media accounts, and don't forget to tag us #TourdeLandAid. Will you win the Green 'top fundraiser' Jersey?

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