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Michael Fletcher

Freeze out there but know it's for a good cause so last it out!!! Proud of you if you do it,.....! It's sometimes good to know that your good to noone until they beg to your face, it's at this point we can appreciate the sudden concern... Or care to their behaviour I love you and love that you are doing this! Do it for us no matter what the stress is to opt out


Catherine Robins

Amazing number of steps Lee. I can't believe how well we have all done. Though I will be glad when its over!


Emilie Jones

Fantastic Lee! Well done.



Congratulations! What a tremendous achievement


Rita Crowe

Great respect Lee, and hope the jet stream is to the north of the U.K. on your sleep out!


Chris Dewes



Janice Perkins

You are unbelievable and just fabulous We deserve this xxxx


Ann-marie James

We're absolutely smashing it - fantastic team work and what fun we've had xx


Catherine Robins

Go team!


John Dallow

Great cause. Well done Lee xx