Michael Slattery

Steptober 2020

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Monday 5th Oct
My goal is to walk a total of 250,000 Steps over the 2 weeks challenge! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Wheatly Macnamara

Good luck!




Chris Barnes

I like Steps too




Nick Shaw

Let’s hope the rain holds off this month!


Tim And Jonny

Steps........? .......We’ve got all the albums....It’s a Tragedy! Well done !


Arjan Breure


Phillip Burns

Good luck. Great cause.


Samuel Charlton

Steptober not Steptember??


Andrew Barber

Good Luck Andrew Barber


Simon Carter

Good luck, team Logicor.


Ronan Cunningham

Best of luck Michael - hope you'll share the pedometer stats for independent verification!


John Ruane

Always one step ahead Michael - well done!


Thomas & Rita

Best of luck Michael


Peter Stoll

Careful with the knees!


Tom Buckett

Good work Slatts, that's an impressive 140 miles!


Conor Cunningham

Them boots were made for walking Mike


Dominic Spiri



Well done - that's a lot of steps!


Eric Boussier

Well done for this initiative Michael


Diego San Jose



Hope the feet aren't too sore!




David Carthy

well done, lets catch up