Team Blackstone

St Modwen 10K

We're taking part in LandAid 10K

On Thursday 6th October, we're taking part in the St. Modwen Charity Run to raise money for LandAid. 

LandAid bring the property industry together to support charities delivering life-changing services for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness in the future.

The Covid-19 crisis has had an immense effect on all of us, on our daily lives, our businesses, our sense of security. The impact of the pandemic can be felt even more acutely by young people facing homelessness.

The St. Modwen Charity Run is funded by St. Modwen, meaning all funds raised through the event wil be donated to LandAid, to support the development of the St Basil's Live and Work Village -phase 2, in Birmingham.  

Your donation will help ensure that young people are able to have hope for the future.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Anthony Myers


Michael Swank


James Seppala


Michael Vrana


Gemma Kataky






Sumedha Goenka




Dominik Palowski



Great cause! Have an awesome run.




Laurent Tarneaud




Charles Brian

Congrats team!


Becky Kanakis

Good luck team!


Ellie Houghton


Mariana Bagordo