LandAid Big Quiz Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions of your participation in 
The LandAid Big Quiz 2024

By taking part in LandAid’s Big Quiz 2024 you must agree to the terms and conditions below which is required by law under the fundraising regulator.   

  1. I confirm that I will be over the age of 18 on the day of the event. If I am under the age of 18, I understand I must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who is also registered to take part.
  2. I acknowledge that I take part in the LandAid Big Quiz at my own risk and LandAid cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to personal property, fundraising income or injury.
  3. I understand that LandAid cannot be held liable for any changes made to the event for safety reasons, or as otherwise planned, through circumstances beyond our control; this includes, diverse weather conditions.
  4. I understand that by registering a team that I am agreeing to the terms and conditions on behalf of all members.
  5. I understand the registration fee does not contribute towards my fundraising target.
  6. I will use my best endeavours to raise money for LandAid in connection with my participation in the event and aim to raise the recommended fundraising target of £300 per team.
  7. I will ask all sponsors (unless they are donating via my online sponsorship page) to complete a sponsorship form which will include an option for sponsors to ensure their donation also attracts gift aid and I understand that I must only use the sponsorship form(s) provided by LandAid. I understand that Gift Aid does not count towards my fundraising target.
  8. I understand and will make clear to all sponsors that sponsorship money is given by way of donation. If I fail to take part in, or withdraw from, the event, any sponsorship collected will be refunded to the donor or gifted to LandAid.
  9. Any fundraising I undertake in connection with my participation in the event will be for LandAid only. I understand that all fundraising must be paid directly to LandAid within one calendar month of the event.
  10. I will immediately inform LandAid if anything happens which puts my participation in doubt. I understand that my place can be transferred to another employee at the same organisation.
  11. I have provided LandAid with the correct information. For more information on data, please refer to our privacy policy.
  12. I will not do anything to bring LandAid into disrepute. If I do so, LandAid has the right to withdraw my place.
  13. I give permission for the free use of any pictures or video footage taken by LandAid on the day for promotional advertising or other uses as deemed appropriate.
  14. I understand that the event is fully staff by volunteers and LandAid staff. I agree to follow instructions safely and follow any advice given by volunteers/staff.
  15. I understand if I am registered as disabled or with special needs, I will notify LandAid prior to the event and follow the appropriate advice given.
  16. Under The Licensing Act 2003, all venues will refuse service at the event to anyone who appears to be excessively drunk or uses antisocial behaviour towards any member of staff. The bar staff also reserve he right to close the bar at any time if in their opinion, unruly or troublesome behaviour has arisen or is likely to arise within the venue or its environs.
  17. In no circumstances do we guarantee a certain number of questions or rounds, nor can we guarantee our availability beyond the agreed end time for the Quiz Event.
  18. With the exception of guide or assistance dogs, no animals are permitted at the LandAid Big Quiz. Participants wishing to attend an Event with a guide or assistance dog are requested to contact LandAid in advance of the Event for assistance.
  19. LandAid (The Organiser) shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these terms and conditions, such change shall be effective immediately upon posting to this webpage.
  20. I confirm I have read, understood, and agree to all the terms and conditions set out above.

LandAid recommends all participants keep a copy of the terms and conditions safe to refer to after registering for the event.  


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