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Tour de LandAid

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My target 620 kms

I'm taking on the Tour de LandAid 

Between the 26th June and the 18th July, as a part of a team of six I'll be heading out on my bike to take on the daily distance of the Tour de France to raise money for LandAid, the property industry's charity. This means I'll be cycling more than 500km!

Luckily, after my cycles, I will be able to return to a safe and secure place I'm lucky enough to call home. Young people facing homeless don't have that option.

The Covid-19 crisis has had an immense effect on all of us, on our daily lives, our businesses, our sense of security. The impact of the pandemic can be felt even more acutely by young people facing homelessness.

Shelters are facing new unprecedented difficulties, and many young people who don’t have a home are faced with an all too real threat of rough sleeping.

LandAid bring the property industry together to support charities delivering life-changing services for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness in the future.

We need your support more than ever, please donate whatever you can.

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Shekinah Carrera

Good stuff Krishna!



Best of luck Krishna!


Krishna Chauhan


Steve Seymour

Nice one you have a few coldies lined up at the end of long rides! Cheers Steve


Bernard Davis

Great cause Bro.!


Mital Desai

Well done on behalf of all of us who are too unfit to do a challenge like this!


Davinder Gahir

Well done Krishna for helping a good and worthwhile cause.


Gj Breukink

Good luck mate! Cheers, GJ


Suki Gahir

Good luck Krish! I hope it goes well. I admire you for taking on 500kms, but it’s for a great cause, so well done and stay safe! xx


Kenneth Watkins

Love this! You're a good man!


Krishna Chauhan

Well done it's a worthy cause. There is a lot of stigma around homeless people. It could happen to anyone if there circumstances change.



Go Go Go


Paresh Laxhman

Good luck


Dinesh & Mina Chauhan

Good luck Krishna.


Julie R Feller

Way to go Krishna!


Andrew Hulme


Nick Gordon

Good luck brotha!


Anup Chauhan

Good luck …


Kevin Atkins

I respect what you're doing. Pedal on!


Ashish Vekaria

Good luck bro, keep pedalling


Saras Chauhan

Go smash it Krish! Great cause :)


Joshua Price

good luck buddy!


Shashi Chauhan

Good luck


Dan M

Good luck mate 👍🏽


Surinder Chauhan


Sandy Bhandari

Well done


Rupen Patel

Good luck fella, great cause!


Pav & Dharm

Good luck Krishna! We know you will smash it of course!


Darshana Patel

Well done Krishna supporting a Good Cause. All the Best!


Shailen Chauhan-patel

Fantastic cause man! Good luck to you and your team


Benjamin Schmit

That's great! Enjoy the ride!


Hema Patel

Good luck, a fantastic cause and a reminder how lucky we all are that our children feel safe enough to come home or have a home


Flat 25

Great cause Krishna!


Iain Carter

Good work mate!



Go get them tiger! ☺️


Jaimini Chohan

Good luck, you’ll smash it!


Tina Trinh

Good Luck Krishna. All the best to you and your team mates.


Nikesh Patel

Good Luck fella


Genna Tyrrell



Brilliant work kiddo! Keep at it Xx


Neel C


Rishi Khanna

Well Done Krishna!


Amarnath Ramnah

Good Luck Krishna. We are all very proud of you.


Jayesh Thawrani

All the best for the crazy amount of cycling up ahead.



Good luck!


Anita Patel

Well done young man Proud of ypu



Hi Krishna Very well done for participating and putting your efforts in such a worthy cause. Best wishes Hina and Mayur


Raji Chauhan

Good Luck and Well Done x



Keep it up Krishna, great cause


Jai-k Patel

Good luck mate 💪🏽


Kishan Jagatia

Good luck!


Matt Wood

Good luck mate!


Kishan Mehta



Good luck and don’t blast!!!!!!


Trusha Sayani

You are amazing . A great inspiration to all. Wishing you all the best . 👍💙



Wishing you all the best Krishna!! Good luck 🤞🏽



Good luck! Keep peddling away!


Nicki Mann

Good luck!!