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Whether your a Brexiteer or a staunch remainer (I am neither, but thoroughly enjoy winding-up those with very strong views on both sides), the challenges we are all going to face over immediately forthcoming years is a reality.  We have for a long time in this country had a skills shortage in a number of areas which has been filled by foreign skilled labour.  I see this first hand in the construction industry that I work within.  

Now you can look at this very negatively or look at this and see a great opportunity to provide more of the people in this fine country with jobs and income to enable them to move upwards in life (now I sound like a Brexiteer).   

Landaid enable these opportunities to people who might have otherwise struggled to get a foothold and in a sustainable and impactful way.  Its fantastic work and enhances our lives as well as the young people they support.  When you stop and think about it, there is simply no reason that this relatively wealthy country should have homeless people.

Now i'm going to bury myself riding this damn thing and not for nothing...please give what you can and if the donations are good I might share the mask of pain on my home page in week 3!

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