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So far, my fundraising for the SleepOut 2024 could provide a safe space for a young person to sleep for:





On Thursday 7 March, I am taking part in the LandAid SleepOut to raise money to help support young people who are homeless.

In 2022/2023, nearly 136,000 young people approached their council as they were homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

The cost of living crisis has had an immense effect on all of us. This has been felt even more acutely by young people facing homelessness. Reports from the charities that LandAid support have mentioned that they're facing not only a homelessness crisis, but a mental health one too.

Young people facing homelessness need our support more than ever.

LandAid bring the property industry together to support charities delivering life-changing services for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness in the future.

Your donation will help ensure that young people are brought in from the cold this winter.

Find out more about the cost of funding a safe place to sleep here

I'm taking part in the LandAid SleepOut 2024

I've never done a sleep out before so this will be a challenge! I can't imagine not having a roof over my head to keep me warm and dry, not feeling safe when I sleep, not having somewhere to call home and feeling like I'm not part of the society that everyone else lives in. 

I hope the money raised for this event will greatly support young people facing homelessness, to keep them safe and give them the opportunities that they should have when growing up.

I understand how sleeping outside is merely one aspect of experiencing homelessness, and how I myself am privileged to take part in a safely organised 'sleep out' where I have the luxury to go home afterwards.

However, I think this will be a really eye-opening experience, that will highlight how one night is nothing compared to many nights without a home. 

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Stephen Quinn

Best of luck Liv. xxx


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Good luck Musey, such a great thing you are doing! Xx


Wendy Goodinson

Best of luck - hope it’s not too cold


Emma & Richard!

We love that you’re building awareness on this Liv! Nobody should have to experience homelessness… Well done and good luck! Xx Take waterproofs just in case and wrap up! Love Emma and Richard xoxo


Harry Quinn

Go you home Welsh girlllll


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Great cause! Good Luck :)


Mum X

Well done lovely - take a hot water bottle! X


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V proud of you Livvy!! X


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Well done livvy!! Love giddy and els


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Good luck!! Hope it’s not too cold!


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Such a good cause livvy, love u millions ❤️


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Good Luck Liv


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Good luck!!


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Best of luck! ❤️


Diana & Adam Muse

Thank you for raising awareness for such an important issue! Everyone deserves a roof over their head and a warm place to live in.


Julia Harris

Well done Liv x


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Best of luck!



Good work Quinston/Liv!