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The event

When's the deadline for signing up?

You can sign up to QuaranTEN until midnight on Wednesday 15th July.

This is also the last day that you can submit your activity, you again have until Midnight to do so.

Can I take part with my family?

Yes, QuaranTEN is open to all ages.

How do I submit my activity?

From Weds 8th July, you can login into your account by clicking on ‘login’ in the top right hand corner of any page. You’ll then be taken to your dashboard.
If you’re taking on the 10KM or 10 Miles you’ll be able to enter how many hours/mins/seconds it has taken to complete - along with a picture to upload as proof from your fitness tracking device/app. You can use any fitness tracking app or device that you wish.
If your chosen event is the 10,000 steps, there is a tick box to tick once you have completed the steps. You’ll then be featured on the wall of fame.
You must submit your acvtivity by midnight on Wednesday 15th July.
You can submit your activity more than once, so for example if you manage to run a quicker 10km then you can update your time with this.

Do I have to do my chosen activity every day?

No, we’re just asking you to complete the activity once. However you’re more than welcome to complete it as many times as you wish.

How should I decide which region to take part in?

This is up to you. It can be based on where you work, where you live or where you grew up.

Can I change the event I am taking part in?

Yes, that's absolutely fine - you just need to email to let us know.

How big can my team be?

You can have as big a team as you wish. Teams can also have people from any of the activities. When setting up a team you can decide whether your team is exclusive (invite only) or open to anyone one. If it’s exclusive, you will be provided with a link where people can join. If it’s open to anyone people can use the search function.


What's the fundraising target?

The suggested fundraising target is £50 - you can either donate £50 to your page or share it within your networks to fundraise. Everyone that raises or donates £50 or over will receive a medal in the post.

Does all of my fundraising go to LandAid?

Thanks to sponsors, 100% of fundraising comes directly to LandAid to help support young people facing homelessness.

Is my fundraising going towards the Emergency Fund?

No, your donations and fundraising from QuaranTEN will enable LandAid to provide long term support to young homeless people.

I have offline fundraising (cheques, CAF, cash) - how should I send these to you?

Please send all cheques to the following address: FAO Events Team, LandAid, St Albans House, 57 - 59 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4QX. If you have received a donation in cash, please bank this and then make a donation to your fundraising page.