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How can I track my fitness activity?

Your profile page includes your personal distance tally so you can track your distance towards your target. This is a great way to keep your friends updated on your workouts!

If you track your workouts with Fitbit, MapMyFitness or Strava your distances will automatically add to your tally.

Follow these steps to track your KMs automatically:

1. Download the FitbitStrava or MapMyFitness app and set up your account

2. Log in to your [charity or event name] account.

3. Under the heading ‘Connect your preferred Fitness app’, click your chosen app.

4. Follow the prompts to connect your account

5. When you next work out, select ‘start your workout’ in the app on your phone. Once you end your workout, save your workout and your distance will be published to the tally on your page the following day.

If you have synced your app already but it is not working, please log in and re-connect it.

When using Fitbit, you must ‘start’ an activity and save it. Your daily steps will not automatically add to your page. If you are having issues, try syncing through BOTH your Fitbit and the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

When using MapMyFitness, you must ‘start’ your workout, ‘stop’ your workout and then ‘SAVE’ your workout.

Your tally will be updated each day with the previous day’s distances.

Remember, you can manually add your kilometres to the tally in your My Fitness Activity tab of your profile after registering. This is a great option if you’re using a pedometer or a different method of tracking your distances.

Follow these steps to manually add your KMs:

1. Log in to your account and select ‘My Fitness Activity’

2. Under ‘Add activity’, enter the date and distance

3. The number of KMs will now appear on your fundraising page!

Can I run with other people?

Yes – the current government restrictions mean you are allowed to informally exercise with 5 other people in a group of up to 6. If your company would like to organise a larger run for up to 30 people please get in touch as we can support you to plan and put this on.

How much is it to sign up?

It’s £10 to sign up, with a fundraising target of £50

Can you help with my training?

Yes of course – get in touch and we can share our training plans. We’re also hoping to hold some training runs before the event

How does the Running Buddy system work?

When you register for the event, you can select whether you'd like to the join have a running buddy. If you tick yes, we'll match you up with someone who lives locally to you. Once we've matched you up, we'll introduce you both via email leaving the two of you decide when and where you wish to meet up and run.

Do I have to complete the 10K on Thursday 10th June?

We'd love as many people to run on the 10th June as possible but if you can't find time to complete the distance on that day - that's absolutely fine - feel free to do so on a day that's convienent to you.

Do I have to complete the distance all in one go?

No - you can split the distance up in any which way you wish